Show Your Sales Process

Last week, I suggested changing your voice mail daily, or minimum — weekly.  Let your customers know what you are doing, and set expectations as to when they will hear back from you.  I did that with my voice mail and the feedback was great.  My callers were very appreciative that I let them know when to expect a callback, or to email or text instead – all in all – great feedback.  I would recommend changing your voice mail daily (or weekly) and let your customers know what you are doing.

I have been in business to business sales for over 10 years, so I have used a sales process for a very long time.  What I’ve recently implemented is actually showing that process to customers.  I am explaining to them that ‘this is how we do business together’.

Where is this coming from? This past week, I went to the vet with our new dog Charlie. I was 5 minutes early for the appointment and when I got there they said ‘the doc will be with you shortly, wait here’. Which was their lobby. So Charlie and I waited for about 25 minutes with absolutely no communication at all. In fact, we were in there alone. I had no idea what was going on or if I was ever going to see this elusive vet. In the end, the vet came and got us and everything was fine. BUT, am I fan? No. Am I a raving fan? Definitely not! People will only talk about you in 2 situations – either the service is amazing – or terrible. When we get the service we expect, we don’t talk about it.  Hence I’m telling you about the vet, and the bad service I received.

The vet clinic could have said something like ‘the doctor is running behind, he’s going to be about 25 minutes, can I get you some water? For you or your dog?’ – any number of things to make me feel like my business was valued.

My sales process has 7 basic steps (right from getting a lead to creating a raving fan) I’m not going to go over the actual process – it’s more important for YOU to develop one for your business. Now if you want a copy of mine, simply contact me at and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

When I meet a client, I show them this laminated diagram and it lets them know how/when/what the contact with them is going to be. Simple right? But, very effective.

At no point does my customer wonder where we are or what to expect next – they have this nifty little diagram that shows them what’s going to happen.

I know you are thinking that this is too simple, or too obvious. Don’t be the vet clinic and assume that I know what the next step is. Keep is so simple to buy from you that your customers find it easy to do business with you.

I’ve had this process in my business for a while, but I’m going to solicit some feedback over the week around showing this to my customers and I’ll let you know next week what people are saying.

Until then – have a great week.