Living or dead, who inspires you?

Living or dead, who inspires you?

Have you ever lost someone super close to you? A best friend, a brother, a sister or parent? Did their death… the experience of it… did it move you in anyway? Did their passing make you reconsider and reflect on your own mortality and how you would make the most of your life, career and business going forward?

I have lost someone dear to me. My sister – Candace.

I sometimes find myself wondering if violence on TV, in movies and video games, if it somehow desensitizes us. When I see or learn of the passing of others – those who are not dear to me – I don’t seem to stop and reflect like I did when my sister suddenly and unexpectedly died. She was 23. I was 27.

It was a painful time in my life, but also a positive time. To this day I can still recall her amazing smile, her contagious laughter, her natural curiosity, the comedy in her story telling and her incredible ability to find humour in adversity.


Candace was a gem whose reflection made every room she was in brighter.


Candace passed away as a result of a canoeing accident in the Yukon – she and a friend had accidentally tipped their canoe while paddling, and not knowing how to self-rescue, they both succumbed to hypothermia. Yes, a tragic ending but a relatively peaceful way to go.

Even at her funeral, Candace was as beautiful as ever, prepared in a beautiful blue dress with her hair done the way should would have loved.

I remember making some significant changes in my life that day. Candace lived life to it’s fullest, and that is exactly how I was going to live mine.

To this day, Candace continues to inspire me.

There will be days in my business that I will find myself in a bind – I think to myself, what is Candace wanting me to see and learn… [insert thoughtful smile here]. There will be days where I catch myself getting caught up in things that really don’t matter, at least not to the degree that I was giving them… and I let it go.

I really do believe that I have my sister Candace to thank, even after all these years. There are times in my life when things don’t go my way, I get frustrated and even angry. Thinking of Candace and her contagious laugh still carries a positive effect, even today.

How about you? Is there something you could learn from Candace’s passing

Living or dead, who inspires you today? Harness that inspiration and allow it to empower you to live life on your terms. Don’t put up with the status quo. Challenge yourself, your team, your customers, your venders, and your community to do and be more.


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Living or dead, who inspires you today?

Almost three years ago, I started my second business. The Measurable Difference. The Measurable Difference (TMD) is my version of TED Talks for Small Business Owners and aspiring Entrepreneurs. The difference being, the speakers have 30 minutes — not 18 or less — to share not just an idea but tangible strategies and points of execution. They share not only the what, but the how as well.

The TMD offers bi-monlty, half day seminars with three speakers, a speaker panel at the end and blocks of purposeful networking in between it all.

Our next event, TMD17, happens to be Friday, March 20th (in Calgary), the theme being, Live like you were dying. As I prepare for my own talk, I couldn’t help but reflect on the lessons I’ve learned from Candace’s passing and share them with you.

You may not be dying, but what if you lived like you were?


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