How Do You Know?

This article holds very true for me, and I hope that it can provide some advice for any of you out there that are struggling with this same thing. How do you know what to do?

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur – and I’m not sure if it’s because I can’t find a job that I like (for more than 2 years at a time) or if it’s because I genuinely want to own my own business. I always hope it’s the second answer. But, sometimes I wonder.

If you are reading this and you have the best job you could ever imagine, then I am a little bit jealous of you. You found what you want to do – and are doing it. That’s the ultimate goal in the end isn’t it? But, if you are reading this and hate your job, but just don’t know what else to do – then these next few paragraphs are for you.

If you are stuck, or think that maybe wherever you are is as good as it gets – you are wrong. I was recently listening to a podcast, and they were talking about business ideas – what kind of business you should start? They had 1 question that you should ask yourself to determine your business path:

What comes easy to you that doesn’t to everyone else?

Simple as that.

Are you good with pets? Because not everyone is.

Are you good at mentoring and leadership? Again, not everyone is.

Are you a good house cleaner? Because that is not everyone’s skill set.

Are you good at landscaping? Because mowing the lawn seems to be a challenge to some, forget making it look pretty.

Have you always loved working with financials and numbers? Everyone wants a bookkeeper that loves numbers.

For me, I really like writing. And I think I’m good at it – not because of some superhero ability, but because I actually sit down and do it … and it comes very easy to me. And I like the conversation that I can have with an audience that I can’t see, but I know is there. I don’t actually talk that much, but I write and journal quite a bit.

This is a side observation, but I won every writing contest I entered when I was in high school. And I started a high school newspaper, and I was the editor of the yearbook for 3 years. Then there was that 5-year stint with a TV station in the news department. But just write for a living? I mean, why would I —- I like it too much. Sounds crazy right? Because it is crazy. It’s crazy to not do something that comes easy to you.

It’s taken me 20 years to discover that I can make a living doing something that I find quite easy to do. (And it’s something that I really enjoy doing).

Now that I’ve answered my own question, all I have to do is build a business around that skill. It always sounds easier than it is – but once you know what business you are going to own, it will be simple to put the building blocks in place.

So, I encourage all of you out there to just ask yourself “What Am I Good At?”. And I mean really good at … so good that it comes easy to you.

Once you can answer that question, the rest will seem simple. Answer below in the comments, or email me directly with what you are good at. If I can help in any way – I will. If I know someone who can help – I’ll introduce you. You don’t have to do this alone – but you do have to answer the question. 🙂


Donita Fowler is a Content Producer, Social Poster, Secret Weapon, and Former News Junkie. (Ok, no more 3rd person) I reside in Calgary, AB, with my husband and two children. Together with Vince, we own 2 companies – Vested Interest Group and The Measurable Difference. We are an active voice in the Calgary Entrepreneur Community – and work with many business owners helping them live life on their terms.

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