Execute! Do it, Don’t Fear it!

How many times have you thought of a great idea that just didn’t get off the ground?  Was it the idea?  Most likely – not.  It was your inability to execute. Don’t worry – you aren’t alone here, we all face something called ‘the fear of executing’.

In the following blog, I’m going to give you two execution examples – one executes, and one doesn’t.  You decide which one you are, and which one you are going to be moving forward.

Example A

Meet Business Owner A – he/she owns a small accounting firm and the idea of excellent service has always been in the forefront of what they want to deliver.  They have tossed around the idea of doing something for their existing clients, offering a referral program and starting a community-based knowledge program – but nothing gets actually implemented.  The whirlwind of their daily activities take away any energy that they have to spend on new projects.  Sure, they have had a few meetings about excellent service – but the business owner hasn’t set deadlines, or talked about the WIG (Wildly Important Goal) associated with any new projects.  So, can you imagine how important the staff thinks any of this is?  They don’t and it isn’t.  In short, nothing gets done.  Service stays the same, and clients are treated how they always have been.  No execution.

Example B

Meet Business Owner B – he/she owns a small hair salon.  They have always wanted to create an experience for their customers, to ensure repeat business.  They thought of a simple card mailing system for birthdays and haircut reminders, and they thought of bringing in a custom latte machine for clients getting work done, and they also thought of having a customer appreciation week every year with vendors and specials.  First off, the Business Owner came up with a WIG which was ‘customer experience’.  He/she assigned the card mailing system and the new latte machine to her assistant — and let her run with it.  Great!  Then, the stylists got together and started the planning for the experience week – complete with deadlines and rewards.  All 3 events (let’s call them that for simplicity) were put up in the staff room and it was a bit of a contest to see who could complete things first.  They were able to combine these new ideas with the whirlwind of their daily routine.

Now, I’m sure you are thinking that this is so simple.  And you are absolutely correct.  It is simple.  Then why, do so many people think of things and never execute?  Well, 78% of new ideas fail with no system.  That is the key – NO SYSTEM.  Take a minute to think about your business – what was the last idea that you had?  Did you execute on it?  Did it work?  Did you have a system?

I’m certainly not saying that every time there is a system it will work, but I am saying that your probability of success goes up dramatically with a  system.

So, the next time you have an idea that you early want to execute on – define a WIG, and then associate tasks with it.  Give rewards, updates – be creative.  This is your time to shine.

Don’t be afraid to execute – in fact, execute all over the place.  You won’t be disappointed.