Change Your Voicemail Greeting Daily

I’m Donita Fowler and I’m the Chief Experience Officer at Vested Interest Group.  Every now and then I blog some sort of strategy, idea, or tip that we’ve implemented and made a difference in our business.

Now you might be thinking “I’m not a business coach” or “I don’t own a business coaching firm” and that it won’t be relevant to your business.  Wrong.  We might all own a business in a different industry but trust me – business is business.  Everything I share is going to be transferable into whatever kind of business you own.

Imagine your phone rings, and you simply hit ‘ignore’ – and the callers gets sent to your voice mail.  Is it the standard “you have reached Donita…” voicemail?  Boring.  Trust me, people # out of that as fast as they can.  Why not make it interesting and give people something to listen to.


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If you can commit to changing your voice mail daily, tell your client exactly what it is that you are doing.  It goes something like this:


“Hi, you’ve reached Donita with Vested Interest Group, I can’t come to the phone right now as I’m in an all intensive training with Michael Port called Book Yourself Solid.  Your call is important to me, and I will get back to you as soon as I can so leave all your details after the beep.”


What I’ve just done is told my client that I’m learning how to be better, and I’ll be able to pass those strategies along to their business in our next workshop.

And you can simply say whatever it is you’re doing – visiting clients, in all day meetings, at your monthly workshop.

Imagine this, your voice mail goes something like this:


“Hello, you’ve reached Donita, with Vested Interest Group and I’m in our all day group workshop called The Raving Fan Process”


Now… when you call the person back, they say, “Hey that workshop sounded great, how do I go to the next one – and how do I get on your email list of your upcoming workshops?”

How great is that?  You’ve gotten yourself a lead by changing the format of your voice mail.

Simple right?  Exactly – a simple thing that is easily implemented into your daily routine.  Perfect.

It’s simple changes that we make in our business that will get us to stand out from the crowd.  And, I think you know this, but this is a free change.  It doesn’t cost you anything except 1 minute every morning before you start your day!