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How meaningful work saved my life

Thinking out loud, channeling more of my inner Brené Brown, TED speaker and the NY Times best-selling author of four books including the one I’m currently in mid-read, Daring Greatly – How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead. On Dec 27th, 2009, our son Hudson was born. It […]

5 Reasons to Redefine Wealth

Happy belated Thanksgiving… in Canada, that is. Canadian Thanksgiving was a week ago this past Monday. The fact that my father is Canadian, my mother is American, and I have family on both sides of the border, I’m excited to celebrate both country’s Thanksgiving holidays – that’s twice the turkey. One down, one to go […]

Living or dead, who inspires you?

Have you ever lost someone super close to you? A best friend, a brother, a sister or parent? Did their death… the experience of it… did it move you in anyway? Did their passing make you reconsider and reflect on your own mortality and how you would make the most of your life, career and […]

The best marketing advice I have ever received

As a Business Coach, I get asked a lot of questions about the obvious… business. Questions about business development, leadership, business planning, hiring processes… and just the other day, a question to do with marketing. “What’s the best marketing advice you’ve ever received?” Ah. Great question. My mind immediately started scanning the virtual files in […]

Business Blogging – To blog or not to blog

Business Blogging… should you or should you not? The fast answer is… it depends. Let me ask you this first. Are you in business only to meet your needs or the needs of the market? In other words, if you owned a coffee shop, would you physically work in the coffee shop? Would you be […]

Stop acting your wage

If you and I were sitting down for a coffee in the middle of the day and I asked you, “What’s your time worth?” What would you say? Would you quote your hourly wage? You probably would… and you would be wrong. Dead wrong! To date, I rarely meet a revenue generating employee (aka, sales […]

In business, as in sports, NUMBERS matter!

Are you keeping score? In business, as in sports, NUMBERS matter! Have you ever been to a sporting event, be it a community event or a professional sporting event? Last month I was at the Calgary Rugby Park watching the Prairie Wolf Pack host the Atlantic Rock in the Canadian Rugby Championships. Both teams played […]