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How Do You Know?

This article holds very true for me, and I hope that it can provide some advice for any of you out there that are struggling with this same thing. How do you know what to do? I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur – and I’m not sure if it’s because I can’t find a […]

Change Your Voicemail Greeting Daily

I’m Donita Fowler and I’m the Chief Experience Officer at Vested Interest Group.  Every now and then I blog some sort of strategy, idea, or tip that we’ve implemented and made a difference in our business. Now you might be thinking “I’m not a business coach” or “I don’t own a business coaching firm” and that it […]

Have Courage in Business and Life

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to speak up, or you wanted to voice your opinion, or you really wanted to defend someone who was getting picked on (online, in business, or at the bus stop) — but didn’t? Trust me, we have all been there. (Heck, writing a blog is […]

Execute! Do it, Don’t Fear it!

How many times have you thought of a great idea that just didn’t get off the ground?  Was it the idea?  Most likely – not.  It was your inability to execute. Don’t worry – you aren’t alone here, we all face something called ‘the fear of executing’. In the following blog, I’m going to give […]

Show Your Sales Process

Last week, I suggested changing your voice mail daily, or minimum — weekly.  Let your customers know what you are doing, and set expectations as to when they will hear back from you.  I did that with my voice mail and the feedback was great.  My callers were very appreciative that I let them know […]