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Your business is a vehicle to enable you ...

... to live your wildest dreams and goals!... to do what you want!... when you want!... and NOT the reason why you can't!
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Executive and Business Coaching… We’re inspired to help you do what inspires you. After all, your business and career should be a vehicle to enable you, not hold you back, to achieve your wildest goals and dreams.

Championships are won in your head before you even step on the field. Therefore, we focus just as much on the development of your mindset as we do on  your financial numbers.


Do you prefer facilitation and learning in a group setting? Do you appreciate the opportunity to learn and contribute to shared knowledge?

This service just may be for you. WORKshops are just that, work. We aim to share the knowledge in a way that allows you create your own “How-Tos” and complete the work necessary before the workshop is over… all you have to do next is execute your new knowledge.

Our workshops can be customized for you – half day, full day or two days.

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Are you looking for a boring and dull speaker with really busy power points? Sorry to disappoint you but we don’t do that. We speak to your audience, not at your audience. We can even do it without a power point – crazy and daring, we know… but true.

Be warned, Vince Fowler isn’t a status-quo speaker, you’ll be challenged as much as you’ll be entertained.

Looking for a speaker or keynote for your next event, seminar or convention, be it business, leadership, culture, entrepreneurship and the make-it-happen mindset? Consider Vince Fowler.

Vested Interest Group

At Vested Interest Group, we believe you started your business for a reason. We believe your business should be a vehicle to enable you to achieve your wildest dreams and, not the reason why you can’t.

Ultimately, we believe that your business could and should work without your day to day involvement. That’s not to say that you can’t be there. However there’s a big difference between a business owner who goes to work by choice and those who go to work out of necessity.

Starting and building a business is simple… we didn’t say it’s easy, but it is simple. The challenge is, most business owners get caught up in doing the day to day operations and struggle to achieve sustainability… they often lose their sense of purpose. Instead of building a business, they get caught up in the day to day muck – easy to do, we realize… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re not here to “motivate” you… we’re here to inspire you to motivate yourself to do what you have to do, to achieve what you want to achieve.

Vested Interest Group isn’t just the name of our company, it’s our philosophy. We have a Vested Interest in not only those we work with but those we don’t as well. We’re here to make a positive and MEASURABLE difference in the business and lives of others ~ period.

Customer or not, we believe in making a measurable difference in everything we do.

We have the tools, systems, strategies and know how… so that you can achieve the lifestyle YOU want.

Do you have questions about how Business Coaching can help you and your business get to the next level? If so, contact us today. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about you and your business.

Vince FowlerVince Fowler - Vested Interest Group

Co-Founder, Inspired to inspire!

I spent 7 years in the military, most of my years having served as a paratrooper – airborne infantry.

One of the greatest lessons I learned was that people are a whole lot more capable than they give themselves credit for… And so are are you!

  • Purpose

    Why are you in business? Profit of course… but more than profit, what is your purpose, your cause or belief. What human problem do you and your business solve?

  • Plan

    Planning is critical to your success. But you already know that. So how much planning exists in your business? How often do you revisit your plan?

  • Execute

    In order to achieve success, your plan must be put into action. Makes perfect sense… right? Then why aren’t more people and businesses achieving success? We believe the “how” of execution is the critical missing link.

  • Results

    We believe results are achieved when you have clarity in why your business exists, a clear and detailed plan where everyone knows what to do, why they’re doing it, and how to do it.

What others say about us

Derrick Shirley

I recently met Vince Fowler at a day conference I was speaking at. In the span of just a few minutes, I was hooked. His charisma and confidence came through in each word, each gesture. His essence exudes success. Just spend some time with him, even just a few moments and you’ll know and feel what I’m talking about. This is the man you will want on your personal development team in any capacity. He is authentic, genuine and I proudly recommend him.

Derrick ShirleyAuthor, Counsellor, Consultant & Motivational Keynote Speaker at Harmony Counselling and Consulting - Calgary, AB
Cyndi Goodjohn

Vince Fowler is a very memorable person (for all the right reasons). Vince and I met briefly at an executive briefing and stayed in touch following the event. Vince always managed to stay top of mind for me, which is why I ended up taking his course: “LinkedIn – How to Create Presence, Build Influence and Earn More Business”.

The facilitation of the day was great – engaging and informative. I walked away with a bunch of great learning that I was able to start implementing right in the classroom! It’s been just over one week since attending Vince’s workshop and I’ve already seen business result from my learning. Now that’s amazing ROI! Looking forward to future workshops

Cyndi GoodjohnPersonalitiy Assessment & Trainer at DiSC Profile Canada - Calgary, AB
Kirsten Wreggitt

“I had the pleasure of working with Vince Fowler recently. A highlight for me was our discussion about why a client chooses to do business with you – because they share the same values as you. This lesson was confirmed to me through the responses I received about a blog post in which I was able to articulate my purpose for my business. Clients responded so clearly to this! Vince has abundant knowledge to share with you and your business will benefit from it!”

Kirsten WreggittProfessional Organizer, Let’s Start Organizing, Calgary AB
Adam Czarnecki

“We hired Vince Fowler after struggling for years with the leadership style of a foreman. Vince worked with both the foreman and his team with impressive results. Vince’s tools, materials, strategies and recommendations were easy to comprehend, practical and implementable. If you want results (which he’ll make you work for) I highly recommend giving Vince a call.”

Adam Czarnecki HR Manager, Great West Kenworth, Calgary AB
Trevor Dreher

Vince Fowler is an accomplished Business Coach who has been working with me personally since January 2012. Vince has worked with me to focus in on the important aspects of my business which has contributed to a 24% increase over last year, making 2012 the best year ever.”

Trevor DreherSenior Financial Consultant, Investor’s Group, Calgary AB
Dawn O’Connor

“I had the privilege of hearing Vince Fowler speak this week as part of his Measurable Difference speaker series. Vince is a natural story teller and an engaging speaker. He didn’t lose my attention even for a minute. He is candid, intelligent, funny and has a meaningful and powerful message to share.

I walked away from his talk with a new view on my business. I am realizing the impact of Vince’s message as I make some changes to how I will operate moving forward. Its amazing how listening to Vince for 30 minutes has had such a profound and positive impact.

If you need an excellent speaker for an entrepreneurial, business, or sales oriented event, give Vince Fowler a call.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Dawn O’ConnorProductivity Ninja at Think Productive Canada
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